Beaver Creek, February 2005

In February 2005 we went skiing at the Beaver Creek Ski resort, with Karen, Mark, and the kids - Alison, Hillary, Bradley, Hannah and Sam. We had an excellent trip, with great snow and good meals at night.

Here we are on the mountain.
The last night we were all together at dinner we ate at a great italian restaurant. Sam and I had a fun evening.
Here are Ellen and Hillary.
Here are Karen, Hannah and Sam at dinner.
Here's Ellen on the slopes. Considering she hadn't skied in a number of years, and the large amounts of powder she had to learn how to handle, she did pretty well, although she needs to focus on NOT swinging her entire body around when she turns. IT'S ALL IN THE HIPS!!!!!
Here's another photo of Ellen.
Ellen shows good form here.
Here's Karen. For someone who hadn't skied in a long time, she looked pretty good.