Mezuzah Hanging/Housewarming Party

Now that we're settled in the house, Ellen and I hosted our first large social gathering, with a combination mezuzah hanging/housewarming. We had about 40 guests, including a number of our friends' kids. Also in attendence were Ellen's parents Herb and Selma, who drove down from Yardley, as well as a number of our new neighbors.

One of our new neighbors was kind enough to actually bake a delicious cake for our party.
Lisa Dunn and baby Harper were among our guests.
Here are Ellen and Herb with our new neighbor Heidi, and Ellen's old neighbor Stephanie Goldfine (on the right).
Here we are beginning the short ceremony.
Ellen printed up a handout for our guests to follow along with.
In this photo I am holding up the mezuzah, which Ellen and I picked out on our trip to Israel last April.
Here I am doing my major part in the ceremony, actually hanging the mezuzah.
Then we ate. Quite a spread.