Israel, April 2005

In April '05, Ellen's family and I took a trip to Israel to visit with family and friends during the Passover holiday. Because of the large number of photos, I have broken the pages up. This page has a photo from Eilat, and then photos from our seder with the Chubins' Israeli cousins.

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After a long overnight flight, we arrived in Tel Aviv on a Tuesday afternoon, and immediately drove through the Negev desert down to Eilat, on the Gulf of Eilat (referred to by some as the Red Sea) to relax for a few days and recover from the jet lag. Which I REALLY needed.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel right on the beach, called Herod's Palace. Here is the view from our hotel balcony, looking eastward toward the Jordanian side of the Gulf (which they call the Gulf of Aqaba).
After a few days in Eilat, we drove back through the Negev (by a route that took us near the Dead Sea) to Tel Aviv, to spend the first night of Passover with the Chubins' Israeli cousins, especially the patriarch of the Kroin family, Pinchas who has reached the amazing age of 95 in terrific health. Pinchas is the 1st cousin of Ellen's late maternal grandmother. Here he is with the Chubins, along with his daughter Nuni in the orange shirt. Next to Nuni is Ellen's sister Marlene, who lives in Boston.
Here I am with Ellen and Pinchas. Despite his age, Pinchas still walks 5 km every day for exercise.
Here we are at the Seder table. To the right of Pinchas is his wife, Ora.
Herb and Selma at the Seder.
Another group photo. At the end of the table (in the white shirt) is Pinchas's son Mati. He has two children, Kessem and Tom. Kessem is in the flowered shirt on the right.
Another group photo. Mati's son Tom is in the middle, in the blue and white striped shirt.
Here is Nuni's daughter Ingbal, and Ingbal's daughter Or, who has the MOST amazing brilliant reddish-orange hair. Unfortunately, Or wasn't feeling all that well and was very quiet most of the night. But we did get one smile out of her.
Another group photo.
Another group photo.
Another group photo.
Pinchas built the apartment building that they live in, and has the penthouse apartment which also has access to the roof garden, which he tends and is a terrific place to go to relax.
Here is another rooftop photo with me.