ITS A BOY!!!!!!

Well, after 9+ months of waiting, Max Charles Epstein was born August 30th at 1:25 in the morning, all 7lbs 10oz of him.

Max's First Photo!!!Max's First Photo!!! They whisked Max away so fast after he came out, we didn't know if it was a boy or girl for a few minutes.
Max's First Photo with MommyMax's First Photo with Mommy!
Max and DaddyMax and Daddy
Ellen just after arriving at the hospital. Ellen just after arriving at the hospital. This is before she got the epidural, during one of the pain-free moments. Once she got the epidural, everything changed for the better. For a while.
The magic epidural (which I asked for, but was refused) allowed her to nap for a while, before the real labor began.
Max resting nicely.
Max and Grandma RhodaMax and Grandma Rhoda
Max with Grandpa Herb and Bubbe SelmaMax with Pop-Pop Herb and Bubbe Selma
The first photo of all three Epsteins, just as we were leaving the hospital.
Max with his Mom and Dad, and Ellen's parents Herb and Selma.