July 2005 Events

July 2005 was a pretty busy month for us. To start, we went to the Seaview Resort, outside Atlantic City, for a family reunion with the Miller side of David's family.

Here is our branch of the family, at a large group dinner Saturday night. And yes, that is a smile on Sam's face. It wouldn't last.
Karen, Ellen, Mom and Jill at the dinner.
Adam, Missy and Hannah playing.
Here I am in the pool with Hannah, Missy and Adam. Sam, not surprisingly, wasn't part of this fun.
Here we see Sam in one of his non-screaming pool moments. It was decided that this summer Sam needed to learn how to swim, but this decision was made WITHOUT his acquiesence, and he didn't enjoy the lessons very much. It's safe to say the rest of the Seaview's guests didn't enjoy the lessons either. It always amazes me how loud a child can scream.
When I look at this photo I can almost hear Sam screaming.
Mark and Adam at the pool.
Here we are in the pool.
On our last night, Ellen's parents Herb and Selma, who were in Atlantic City to celebrate their anniversary, drove up to the Seaview to join us for dinner.
After dinner we relaxed in the hotel lobby.

Also in July, I bought Ellen her first car - shockingly, a Volvo was her preference - and we all met in NYC at the Roosevelt Hotel for the tasting of the foods for our wedding.

I bought Ellen a Volvo staion wagon. After driving around Bethesda for a couple of months, it doesn't appear that we are the first family in Bethesda with a silver Volvo station wagon.
The Roosevelt Hotel really has a terrific kitchen staff, and after much discussion on what Parve means, we were able to design a really wonderful meal to be served at the wedding. Afterwards, it was on to the cake tasting.
After tasting NINE different cakes, all different styles, we decided that it wouldn't be OUR wedding unless the cake was loaded with chocolate, so we chose a triple-mousse wedding cake.