Couples Shower, May 2005

In May 2005, Ellen's parents threw a wonderful couples shower for us. Many of our friends and family members were able to join us for the event.

The party was held at Maggiano's Little Italy, in Chevy Chase.
shower1Here is David with the Chubins, along with Marlene's boyfriend Alex on the left.
shower3Here are David and Ellen, with his parents and sister Jill
shower4Here we are, along with the photo collages that were on display at our respective bar/bat mitzvahs. Amazing that both our sets of parents saved them.
shower6David's parents.
shower7David with his friends Karyn and Steve Butts, who a couple of months later had their first child.
shower9Ellen along with her bridesmaids.
shower14Many thanks to Amy Freedland, Stephanie Bland and Jackie Berman for setting up the decorations for the party.
shower15Ellen and Selma with Christine Moroski.
Bill and Sara Johnson, Elliot and Rena Roseman, and Rocky Lieberman and Mark Brandsdorfer.
Back Row: Jordana and Greg Ashe, with baby Sarah, Christine Moroski, Stephanie Goldfine. Front Row: Sarah Lumbard, Wendi Petti and John Heimlich.
Ellen's relatives Wendy & Jack Stein, Joyce & Donnie Douglass, and Charlott & Alfred Stein with our friends Michael & Joyce Stern.
Jeff Senger & Leigh Patterson, Chris Cheng, Mark and Jackie Hoffenberg (Maia was elsewhere having fun when the photo was taken), Greg and Stephanie Bland,
Sean King and Zsu Qi, Bonnie and Dennis Limbach, Karyn and Steve Butts, and Ellen and Saul Miller
Mark Pennybacker and Ruth Ann Nicastri, Peter Herman, Jackie Berman, Susan Siegel, and Aliza Geretz.
shower8A big happy family.