St. Thomas, December 2004

Here are some photos from our annual family trip to St. Thomas

Here we are on our condo's balcony, which looked out right over the ocean.
Here we are at dinner one night, in Red Hook (the small town on the east end of St. Thomas).
Here are Karen and Bradley.
Here I am with Sam. Such a serious little guy....
Here are two of my nieces, Missy and Alison, at Magen's Bay beach.
Here are Adam and Missy, also at Magen's Bay.
Here is my niece Hillary, with her brother Bradley.
Here's Hannah at Magens Bay
The iguanas are a regular companion on the beach. Ellen thinks they're adorable, which makes me wonder about her tastes...
Here I am with Bradley, at Banana Tree Grill restaurant, at Blackbeards castle. Not only is the view of the harbor and town spectacular, it offers some terrific meals.
Her we are at Magen's Bay.
Our constant companion at all meals was the Gameboy. I only wonder how children were kept under control before it was invented.
Here are the Kriegers, on our condo's balcony.
This little guy found himself a great tanning spot, atop the sunshades at the beachside cafe.
Here's my honey, at Banana Tree Grill, as a cruise ship departs in the background