St Thomas 2007

In December 2007 we all went down to St. Thomas as part of the regular Epstein family vacation. As happened last summer at Bethany beach, Max refused to have anything to do with the beach itself, although he would consent to sit on a towel on the beach for short periods. And he loved both the pool and the ocean.

Max and Daddy on the beach.
Max and Mommy on the beach.
Max loved the pool.
Max's Uncle Marc.
Grandpa and Aunt Jill
Cousin Adam, without his Nintendo.
Cousins Missy and Hannah.
Aunt Jill and Cousin Hillary
We took a trip over to Magens Bay one morning. Nicest beach on the Island.
Cousin Bradley, Aunt Karen and Uncle Mark.
Cousins Alison and Hillary, and Uncle Mark
Max wasn't very cooperative for the group photo.