St Thomas 2009

In December 2009 we went down to St. Thomas for our annual vacation with my family. Max had a great time playing on the beach, swimming, building sand castles and playing with his cousins.

Family group photo
Cousins Alison and Missy
Max and Grandpa
Max made huge progress in swimming
Dinner on St. Johns
Max with Uncle Mark
Great fish at the pirate's restaurant
Another rainy day at Magens Bay. But we met a bunch of italians off a cruise ship, so I got to practice my Italian
One rainy day we went to Coral World, and we fed Lorikeets. The birds are so tame that they will land on you to eat from cups of nectar.
They also had a baby shark which Max was eager to pet
We also saw some sea lions. Max found their black teeth (a sign of good health) very cool
Max took his longest nap of the trip at lunch one day.
Cousin Adam and Aunt Jill
Max chilling on the flight home