inter/Spring 2011

The Winter and Spring of 2011 were, as usual, quite busy. We had three trips up to NY - one for my niece Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, once for Passover, and then another for my cousin Ryan's Bar Mitzvah. For Mother's Day, we went to the B&O Train Museum in Baltimore, with Ellen's parents, for Day out with Thomas. Max graduated from Pre-school, got his first hair cut, and started summer camp at the JCC.

At Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, we got a great photo of my parents with all their grandchildren.
Max and his cousins at the Bat Mitzvah
Cousin Bradley with Abigail and Selma
Three generations of Epstein men
Max, who has a rather strong passion for Transformers and robots in general, decided to become one
Great photo of Abby
At Day out with Thomas Day, in Baltimore
We had lunch in NYC one day with our friends. Sean and Abby bonded.
Our friend Nadine with the kids
We encountered this robot at a rest stop in Delaware
Max gets his first hair cut
Max and a wandering peacock at the Bronx zoo
One of the best photos of Max and Abby that I've ever taken