Bethany 2008

We traveled to Bethany Beach again, for our summer vacation. Max, while still not loving sand, was much better on the beach than he was last summer or even last December in St. Thomas.

Max would sit on the beach, but made clear that he really didn't like it that much.
Our friends the Goldsteins were at Bethany as well, and we spent a lot of time with them. Here is Ellen with Dawn Goldstein.
Max was very interested in Judy Goldstein.
One night we went up to Funland in Rehoboth Beach so Max could enjoy his first amusement park visit.
Although when the week started Max would only walk on the beach if we held his hands, by the last day he felt comfortable enough to run across the beach on his own. He we see him being trailed by Sara Goldstein.
Max loved the pool. He couldn't go into the ocean, but that didn't bother him. "ocean too big" was his position.
We rode the carousel at Funland.